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What we create

What we create

We create websites and applications that provide effective solutions for your business.

Business card website Site-catalog Corporate website
A business card site is a simple site with a small volume and simple functionality. Such a site may contain information about the company, its activities, price list, details, contacts. The task of a business card site is to give potential customers the opportunity to find your company on the Internet, familiarize themselves with and order services. The catalog site (internet showcase), in addition to general and contact information, contains a catalog of goods produced and sold by the company or services offered. The task of the catalog site is to familiarize the site visitor directly with each individual product. The purpose of the corporate website is to solve a wide range of tasks: providing the most complete information about the company, its products and services, comprehensive information, support and service for clients and partners of the company. In addition, the closed part of the corporate website can be a platform for web integration of the company's business processes, contain tools for direct interaction of the company's employees with partners, customers, as well as other employees and departments.
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